2009 International Illustration Festival

Event Objective

The Council of Cultural Affairs (ROC) has integrated the “Cultural and Creative Industries, or CCI, into the “Challenge 2008 National Development Plan” since 2002. The Council aims at creating more jobs and value in CCI, elevating the quality of consumer goods and cultural events in Taiwan, and further developing an array of creative brains and a complete spectrum of CCI marked with Taiwan local character. Taiwan would therefore become a platform for pan-Chinese CCI.

Responding to the above, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Council of Cultural Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Government Information Office have in joint force established the “Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Office.” The Office targets creative design and digital art as the prime industries for CCI, while it promotes other industries such as performance art, graphic art, music, video, animation.

Illustration art visualizes textual ideas and stories, along with abstract concepts and feelings. Illustration art also narrates stories, with or without words, helping readers to concisely and vividly receive underlying or apparent messages from the author. The media for illustration could be charcoal pencils, marker pens, pastels, acrylic paints, watercolors, oil colors or Chinese ink carried by publications, products or advertisements. Thanks to advancing technology, graphic software is becoming more and more powerful, expanding the limits of illustration in terms of visual effects, textual effects and applicable carriers where illustrations may appear.

As illustration art has the features of wildly colorful visuals, along with imaginative and provocative narration, it serves as an excellent medium to carry the lexicon that the young generations use. As a result, it easily becomes one of the most important contemporary arts. Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Yue Min-jun and Yayoi Kusama are among the masters of illustration art. In addition, the young generations worship the juvenile, dream about the future and crave distinction, which matches the “aesthetics of comics and animation” that illustration art holds. This particular kind of aesthetics has elevated comics and animation from soap opera scenarios, formatting a universal taste that the young generations share. It has also deviated from traditional aesthetics to associate with commerce, forming a powerful promotional approach. Illustration art carries the most insane, most addictive and most faithful aesthetics in the history of art.

On the basis of accumulating cultural and intellectual properties, CCI hopes to integrate creativity and art with commerce, as well as create wealth and jobs.. As a response to the Council of Cultural Affairs’ efforts in promoting visual arts, this exhibition wishes to re-affirm and practice the statement “Art in life and life in art,” hoping to cultivate finer aesthetics for Taiwan citizens and local governments, and expand the population of cultural event goers.

This exhibition has invited talented local artists as well as extraordinary artists from the US, Japan, Canada, Italy and India to showcase their recent masterpieces. The international nature of this exhibition may facilitate cultural exchange in illustration art and broaden Taiwan citizens’ horizons in terms of creativity and aesthetics. Moreover, we are presenting illustration art as an independent art form, rather than as a supplement of other art forms or subjects. In doing so, we hope to raise public awareness that illustration art is a vigorous, creative and sophisticated form of art, and not at all inferior to any other forms of art. In the end, we hope to trigger more creation of illustration art by more people of a wider age range and in more diverse manners.

This exhibition comprises three sections:

  1. 150 illustrations made by local artists;
  2. 60 illustrations made by artists from the US, Japan, Canada, Italy and India;
  3. Promotional and educational events, including: speeches, forums, interactive art making demonstrations, and video screening.

Time Events Location
March 14 13:00 -14:20 Speech: From Art Brokerage to Art Branding Speaker: Li Yu-shan, General Manager, Jimmy SPA Co., Ltd. The Sake Brewery* (清酒工坊)
14:30 -15:50 Speech: Licensing Industry, Filling a Quality Life with Inexpensive Arts Speaker: Ivan Fan, Founder of Artkey Co., Ltd. The Sake Brewery* (清酒工坊)
15:50-16:10 Coffee break
16:10 -17:30 Forum: When the Arts Meet the Business Participants: Li Yu-shan, Ivan Fan and the illustrators The Sake Brewery* (清酒工坊)
March 15 13:00 -14:20 Speech: Creating Open Art Spaces & Marketing the Arts Speaker: Su Yao-hua, Director, Taipei Artist Village The Sake Brewery* (清酒工坊)
14:30 -15:50 Speech: Lifestyle and Creative Cities Speaker: Liou Wei-gong, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology at Soochow University The Sake Brewery* (清酒工坊)
15:50-16:10 Coffee break
16:10 -17:30 Forum: Art Industries and Creative Cities Participants: Su Yao-hua, Liou Wei-gong, Cheng Chiou-shuang(Journalist, Economic Daily News), Wen Chao-Tung(Professor & Director, Center for Creativity & Innovation Studies, National Cheng-Chi University) The Sake Brewery* (清酒工坊)

* The Sake Brewery (清酒工坊) is located in the Huashan Arts District in Taipei City. Website: http://www.huashan1914.com/ Address: No.1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Taipei City, 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)